For the highest standards in comfort

Luxury car interior - steering wheel, shift lever and dashboard.


We develop and deliver products that optimally interact with components and materials in vehicle interiors. Take advantage of our know-how for new concepts such as electric or autonomous vehicles.

Luxury car interior - steering wheel, shift lever and dashboard.


Intensive research and development leads to new solutions. Technological breakthroughs are just as important as the improvement of products with the help of new materials and processes.

Luxury car interior - steering wheel, shift lever and dashboard.


We supply customers in all major automotive markets, Europe, Asia and North America. Our teams work within an international network. With local management, we draw on the strengths specific to each country and region.

Market-leading know-how for future challenges

Strong for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is our profession. We concentrate fully on the use of our products in vehicles, today and in the future. Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers are our business partners, but our goal is end customer enthusiasm about the function of our products.

Many reasons speak for IGB Automotive

Functional products

We offer our customers products with optimal functionality. Sensor technology or climate comfort, the effectiveness of our products is what counts.

Individual development

We develop our products specifically for each respective vehicle model with its requirements. This produces convincing results – efficient, reliable and durable.

Global supply

Our strategic global locations provide support to our customers with development and production no matter how they implement their global projects regionally

Consultation and service

Intensive cooperation is important in in the automotive world, which is based on the division of labour. Our highly specialized project teams closely co-operate with our partners in technical and logistical tasks.