Interior surface heaters

The designers of energy-saving vehicles are increasingly having to grapple with reduced or lack of dissipated heat from combustion engines. This dissipated heat, which is available virtually free of charge for heating the interior, falls victim to energy conservation. Auxiliary electric heaters help to solve this problem. With electric surface heating, the vehicle interior can be effectively and efficiently heated. This is especially important for electric vehicles because the precious battery energy should be used as much as possible to cover the driving range. Center consoles, headrests, armrests, gearshifts, door panels, floor carpets – there are many interior surfaces of the vehicle that can be heated. The technology used is similar to that of seat heating, but is adapted to the requirements of surface heating in terms of material and performance.

Interior surface heaters from IGB Automotive in detail

The surface heating technology is similar to that of seat heating, but with adaptations to requirements in material and performance. A temperature sensor checks to maintain the desired temperature. For this, IGB also offers electronic control units with intelligent vehicle interfaces. Special requirements for surface heating result from the different manufacturing processes for center consoles, armrests or door panels. Rear foaming, laminating or adhesive bonding: we have the right material structure for all common manufacturing processes.

Interior surface heating – Benefits

Highly flexible and thin materials

For our surface heating systems, we use the finest heating conductor elements and highly flexible carrier materials. This allows the heating elements to be mounted even under soft nappa leather without any visible markings on the surface.

High heating capacities

We can also adjust our surface heating elements to high heating capacities. Thus they can be used principally as low temperature infrared radiators and contribute to a comfortable interior climate

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