Steering wheel heaters and sensors

Until recently still reserved for luxury vehicles, steering wheel heaters can now be found in many high-volume models, even in the compact class. This makes unpleasantly icy cold steering wheels a thing of the past in frosty outside temperatures. And steering wheel heaters from IGB are also available with sensor function for modern lane keeping assistance systems.

Steering wheel heaters and sensors from IGB Automotive in detail

Steering wheel heaters and sensors from IGB Automotive in detail – Steering wheel heaters with an electronic control system provide a pleasant surface temperature after just a few meters of driving and prevent icy fingers. Requirements for steering wheel heaters are considerably higher than those usually placed on surface heating systems. This is because the steering wheel is directly in the driver’s field of vision and should lie comfortably in his/her hands. This places unique demands on optics and haptics, the fulfillment of which requires special know-how in development and production. IGB Automotive also supplies the corresponding miniaturized electronic control units, which are equipped with a Lin Bus interface and can be housed in the steering wheel even in the tightest of spaces.

Steering wheel sensors are indispensable for new driver assistance systems. That is why we have developed a so-called HOD system that combines the steering wheel sensor with an intelligent control unit. (HOD = Hands-on/off detection).The multi-layer steering wheel sensor contains a detection layer as well as a heating layer and is proven in series production.

Steering wheel heaters and sensors – Benefits

Maximum grip comfort

IGB has developed a production process for steering wheel heaters in which the heating conductor is mounted directly to a wafer-thin layer of foam. Additional adhesive layers are not required. This allows the highest demands on steering wheel grip comfort to be met.

Highly flexible conductor material

IGB manufactures the capacitive sensor layers from highly flexible conductor material on its own knitting machines. The steering wheel sensors made from these layers are convincing based on their appearance and haptics.

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