Seat ventilation

More time spent in the vehicle – whether due to longer journeys or traffic density in urban areas – leads to the demand for a comfortable seating climate. A seat with surface ventilation plays a significant role in this. Ideally not noticeable at all, fine air movement through the perforated seat cover surface provides for moisture removal and relaxed travel. IGB Automotive provides innovative solutions for seat climate control through ventilation and with an active cooling function.

Seat ventilation from IGB Automotive in detail

IGB Automotive provides innovative solutions for seat ventilation. Our development department is responsible for the conception of the system and uses high-performance components. The key to a high-performance system is the fan. That is why IGB Automotive has taken over the development and production of the fans itself and manufactures on a highly modern production line at its site in Serbia. Depending on the system design, the ventilation function is supported by active Peltier cooling elements. The tuning of the system for minimum noise is carried out in our own acoustics laboratory.

Seat ventilation – Benefits

Optimally combined components

IGB develops and produces the fan components required for seat ventilation itself. This ensures that air performance, noise dampening and seat integration are always optimally combined.

Ventilation and cooling comfort

IGB has developed its own control and regulation algorithms for the particularly demanding combination of ventilation and active cooling. The comfort result is convincing even for the highest expectations of the premium class.

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