Seat heaters

The seat heater should heat the seat surface as quickly as possible and create an even and comfortable feeling of warmth. Naturally, the seating comfort is thereby enhanced. To an increasing extent, energy use is also a priority.

Seat heaters from IGB Automotive in detail

More and more car buyers want electric seat heating in their vehicles. Once one has enjoyed the comfort, they no longer want to do without it. Therefore the proportion of vehicles equipped with seat heaters is constantly increasing. And this is the trend almost regardless of whether it is a second car parked outside or a large limousine with leather interior.

Seat heaters – Benefits

Robust heating conductors

IGB seat heaters are equipped with Duratherm heating conductors. This particularly robust material enables IGB seat heaters to function reliably over a long car life.

Advanced functions

The powerful Duratherm heating conductors are also used in heating elements with highest performance. Thus, we can offer our customers rapid heating and heated massage functions.

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