As a specialist in seat comfort, it was an obvious step for IGB Automotive to become involved with sensors that are used in the seat to detect occupancy. Depending on the application, the sensor must meet different requirements in terms of accuracy and reproducibility. For this reason, there are different sensor concepts and associated control units for monitoring comfort functions, seatbelt reminder or airbag control. The idea of combining the sensor with the electric seat heating system was developed by IGB Automotive and implemented in series production.

Sensors from IGB Automotive in detail

The sensor that triggers the warning signal to fasten the seatbelt is an electromechanical pressure-sensitive foil sensor. It can be mounted either directly under the seat cover or under the seat cushion. The sensor is intended to alert that the seatbelt is not fastened when someone is sitting in the seat, but otherwise must not cause a false alarm in the case of a lightweight object, such as a briefcase on the passenger seat. The sophisticated development process of the sensor must take into account all seat and seat cover tolerances and the entire temperature spectrum. The specific adjustment of the sensor parameters is carried out by means of extensive laboratory measurements and practical testing with test subjects.

Sensors – Benefits

Many configurations possible

With our comprehensive know-how in the field of seat comfort, IGB is able to adapt the seat occupancy sensors to complex applications. With a minimum number of variations, a large number of seat configurations can be equipped.

Reliable micro-switch elements

IGB uses proven highly reliable micro-switch elements. As a result, the reproducibility of the sensor switching threshold and long lifetime performance are impressive.

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