Control units for steering wheel heaters

Adapted to the special conditions for temperature control, IGB Automotive has developed a complete range of control units. These are modern processor-controlled modules equipped with interfaces for the most diverse requirements. Efficient Lin-Bus controls are standard for our ECUs. This allows complex control commands as well as status and diagnostic messages to be exchanged between the control unit and the central vehicle unit with a minimum of cabling effort.

Control units for steering wheel heaters from IGB Automotive in detail

Control units for steering wheel heaters are mounted directly in the steering wheel. Due to the extremely limited space available, the compact design is especially important. Of course there are no compromises in terms of functionality: All ECUs have Lin-Bus communication and diagnostics and can evaluate switch signals and control status-LEDs if necessary.

Control units for steering wheel heaters – Benefits

Overheating protection

Our control units can be equipped with a micro overheating protection. This guarantees a safe shut-off independently from the electronic temperature monitoring.

Complete system

Our latest development combines the steering wheel heater with the capacitive steering wheel sensor. The control unit reliably reports if the driver is holding the steering wheel or not. Thus we offer our customers a complete system from one source.

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