Control units for seat heaters

Adapted to the special conditions for temperature control, IGB Automotive has developed a complete range of control units. These are modern processor-controlled modules equipped with interfaces for the most diverse requirements. Efficient Lin-Bus controls are standard for our ECUs. This allows complex control commands as well as status and diagnostic messages to be exchanged between the control unit and the central vehicle unit with a minimum of cabling effort.

Control units for seat heaters from IGB Automotive in detail

Seat heater control units regulate the energy supply to the seat heater and provide a comfortable surface temperature according to the preselected level of heating. A wide range of different activation temperatures must be taken into account and the control system must be adapted to the different types of seat cover upholstery, e.g. fabric seat covers have a different thermal conductivity than leather seat covers. For this purpose, the control unit evaluates a temperature sensor positioned in the seat heater. Monitoring and diagnostic functions ensure reliable operation. IGB Automotive has succeeded in packing the entire sensor, control and communication functions into a miniaturized control device which is installed in the seat heater and connected to the vehicle control unit via a Lin-Bus interface.

To control and regulate ventilation seats, the function of IGB control units can be expanded to monitor the fan speed and Peltier active cooling.

Control units for seat heaters – Benefits

Easy installation

Our miniaturized control unit is directly connected to the cable wiring of the seat heater and makes additional installation steps unnecessary.

Expanded functions

The IGB control units can be expanded to control and regulate ventilated seats by monitoring fan speed and Peltier active cooling. The electronics have been miniaturized to the extent that they can also be fit into the fan housing.

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